Checking for the latest version of windows updating software

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On Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows, Windows will start to nag you after installing most updates.

It will pop up and inform you that it’s restarting your computer in fifteen minutes unless you postpone the shutdown.

If you’re having problems, ensure your computer is properly connected to the Internet and has some free disk space.

If you do run into an odd issue and Windows refuses to install updates, you may want to reboot your computer and try again.

If you notice this, you can uninstall updates from the Windows Control Panel.

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If you’re updating manually, you can click the “updates are available” text in the Windows Update window and see what updates will be applied.

This allows system administrators to schedule updates all at once.

However, if a security flaw is being exploited in the wild, important security patches may be released immediately.

We covered this when we looked at examples of useful registry hacks.

You could also just set Windows to “Download updates but let me choose when to install them” and only install updates when you’re ready to reboot.

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