Intimidating work environment

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However, many universities also offer more unusual pairings.

The University of Michigan has a program that allows its students to earn MSW and master of science in information degrees.

“They have the broadened experience of the MPA program, and they gain another group’s perspective.

They feel that they have much more information to work with.” Not a Panacea Despite the benefits of a dual degree, the programs are not for everyone.

“It gives students the chance to be involved at a different level.” When social work students take classes with students who are studying other disciplines, the mingling of—and sometimes conflict between—those two groups of students’ ideas creates a classroom dynamic that would not occur otherwise.

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We think a dual degree can offer them more options for their careers,” says Tyrone Cheng, Ph D, LCSW, an associate professor and the MSW program chair at the University of Alabama School of Social Work, which has offered an MSW/MPH dual degree program for the past decade.

The school has provided an MSW/MPA dual degree program since 1999 and hopes to add an MSW/MPH program as soon as next year.

“It’s great for students who want to do social work, especially those who want to do it in the public arena,” Barron-Mc Keagney says.

And, for some social work students, the way to stand out in the crowd is by completing a dual degree program.

These programs allow students to pursue an MSW and a degree in another discipline in parallel, making it possible for students to earn the degrees in less time than it would take to earn them separately.

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