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"Dad is a session guitarist for local bands, he's a pretty good player and mom is part owner in a bakery in town, and in her spare time she runs ceramics classes at a local studio." "Do you play any musical instruments?

" Carina asked as she stirred the remains on her plate.

Suffice it to say, her mother had been warned by the Deputy Head that such things were not to be discussed in front of teenagers.

She had studied politics at a community college but had spent the last two years working in restaurants and cafés.

Her two sisters on the other hand seemed to have gone the other way and embraced the hippy lifestyle up to a point but Toni found discussing sex so openly merely opened old wounds. Toni swallowed as she stared at the peeling paint on the ceiling.

Toni ran a hand over the sofa bed she'd slept in last night instead of her own bed. Toni: Kind of, still trying to wrap my head around it. It held her attention for a few moments as she recalled looking up at it last night while Carina finger fucked her.

Move to a country with stricter gun laws, and enrol at university and do a proper degree.

"My grandparents live in Glasgow, along with two uncles, three aunts and God knows how many cousins, this is my chance to get out and make my mark." Their conversations covered a broad range of subjects from politics and music to travel and books, although her political views were an eye-opener.

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