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He didn't react negatively, just laid there moaning. One was a friend from high school who I ran around with.

I really wanted to taste his cum, but after 30 to 40 minutes of working him, he spoke up and told me "this isn't working for me". Once we graduated we went to different universities but would visit each other occasionally.

The only disappointment was, despite his coke can cock, his balls were tiny - and I like low hangers.

We continued sucking each other for a few years whenever we got together and eventually quit. There were a couple more, too, who were frat brothers and "things" would happen late at night after we'd come home from the bars.

He was the last person in the world I thought would do something like that and we had a lot of fun over the years, for it wouldn't be the last time we sucked each other. anyways, i haven't had any sexual encounter with a str8 guy, except for when i was in my sophomore year in hs.

my classmate out of know where let asked me to touch his "thing." but I was so nervous it lasted for only several seconds.

(tsk tsk tsk) My friend is a member of the men's volleyball team, he has this chinky eyed hottie co-player which happens to be the campus crush. You should NEVER construct a fantasy life around people you know in REAL life who would not be willing participants in the fantasy if they knew about it.

Well when I got out and started to dry and get dressed the sunlight from the early morning was beaming through the window while he laid there with his underwear pulled down to his ankles. However later we went out water skiing with his roomate on Lake Lanier and had a great time. We smoked a few joints and I started to get an erection.

He was "asleep" and I stood there in awe of this beautiful man lying there naked that I wanted so much. He saw that and said "Daryl it's cool man, but I'm not gonna think different of you 'cause you're gay. " I was so relieved and started to lay down when he stopped me and said"Hell man, c'mon let's get each other off man I don't bite." We got into a 69 and he blew his load before I did. He said "I won't kiss you though , cause you might fall in love with me.

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