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In response to the influx of calls to the Fraud Hotline, the Committee held a hearing on April 15, 2015, titled, ``Catch Me If You Can: The IRS Impersonation Scam and the Government's Response,'' that examined how the scam works, steps seniors can take to protect themselves, law enforcement's response, and what more can be done to combat this scam.\ Since the hearing, the IRS has released several lists with tips to spot these scams and what people should do if they receive a call.\ TIGTA reports that increased awareness has made a difference, as it now takes scammers roughly 300 calls to find a victim as opposed to 50 calls prior to the Committee's hearing.\ TIGTA reports, however, that the scam has morphed and evolved in response to guidance the IRS has issued.\ For example, one of the IRS' anti-fraud tips advises consumers that the agency will not call about taxes owed without first mailing a bill.\ Recent fraud calls have revealed to investigators that some scam artists now claim that they are following up on letters that the IRS previously sent to the victims.

While there are multiple variations of the IRS impersonation scam, criminals generally accuse victims of owing back taxes and penalties.

114th Congress } { 114-208 ====================================================================== FIGHTING FRAUD: U. SENATE AGING COMMITTEE IDENTIFIES TOP 10 SCAMS TARGETING OUR NATION'S SENIORS _______ February 11, 2016.--Ordered to be printed _______ Ms.

Collins, from the Special Committee on Aging, submitted the following R E P O R T _______ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY From January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2015, the Senate Aging Committee's Fraud Hotline received a total of 1,108 complaints from residents in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Scammers will often take victims through this process multiple times.A March 13, 2013, Aging Committee hearing and investigation helped bring attention to these scams and put pressure on the Jamaican government to pass laws cracking down on criminals who convinced unwitting American victims that they had been winners of the Jamaican lottery.The United States government has had some recent success in bringing individuals connected to the Jamaican lottery scam to trial, but these types of scams continue to plague seniors.The calls focused on the illegal or improper use of an older adult's funds, property, or assets.Chairman Susan Collins and Ranking Member Claire Mc Caskill introduced the Senior $afe Act of 2015, which would allow trained financial services employees to report suspected cases of financial exploitation to the proper authorities without concern that they would be sued for doing so.

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