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At the time of the trip, Levy was 38 and five months pregnant with Lucy’s baby but decided to travel, because at the time, having it all through her eyes didn’t mean sacrificing a work trip for a pregnancy.On the second day of her trip, in her hotel bathroom, she went into labor, and gave birth on the tiles.Stell dir vor, du erlebst gerade das beste Date deines Lebens - mit dem perfekten Menschen für dich.Die sexuelle Spannung zwischen euch ist unerträglich, aber du suchst nach einer langfristigen Geschichte - nicht nur nach einer schnellen Nummer.What happens afterwards remains just as upsetting for a while, as Levy returns to America and attempts to rebuild her life with grief at its centre.“Initially, grief is something you live in and then later, if you’re lucky, it’s something that lives in you,” Levy tells me over the phone, when we discuss how she’s feeling now.“I got so many responses to women that had lost children, or had miscarriages or still births, I felt like it was a matter of feminism to write about it,” she explains in her no-nonsense manner.

Oder warten, bis ihr ein paar Dates hinter euch gebracht hat? Die Zahl der Singles übersteigt sogar die der Verheirateten, es gibt also wirklich keine Norm mehr, was den Zeitpunkt des ersten Sex mit neuen Partnern angeht.The painstaking detail in which the collapse of the marriage is then described makes for awkward reading — it really pulls the rug out from under our basic belief that we can trust one another.And yet, Levy writes about her dishonesty so honestly, you struggle to hate her for it.“Maybe it’s because as a journalist I’ve spent 20 years doing the kind of writing where the whole agenda is being as accurate as possible,” offers Levy, when I ask her whether she ever stopped to weigh up how much she shared.When I speak to Levy over the phone from her home in New York, she tells me she’s spent the morning drinking a ton of coffee and doing yoga, and we laugh about how she’s suddenly found herself the subject of interview profiles where mundane facts like that are used to give some indication of her personality.Still, “it’s not like I’m walking down the street and people are yelling my name,” she jokes, sounding like she’s genuinely quite pleased about that — perhaps because, after reading The book is a dangerously honest account of her life from childhood through to adulthood (she’s now 42).

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