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During an interview July 21, Rosenstein said preserving the public’s confidence in the Justice Department is his highest mission, one that’s “critically important” to the state of our union. More than a dozen former colleagues, friends and political figures interviewed by the Inquirer and Daily News say that Rosenstein is the right man for the job amid all of this uncertainty, that beneath his suburban-dad demeanor and Capraesque earnestness lie a steely resolve and an unshakable commitment to doing what’s right, outside pressures be damned.“If you care about the country,” one former Justice Department official says, “you want Rod Rosenstein to be there.” Contrary to a recent Trump tirade about Rosenstein’s being from Baltimore – “there are very few Republicans in Baltimore.Sandra Cavazos was Heymann’s special assistant, and remembers being struck by the way Rosenstein carried himself. “Rod always had the voice of reason.” No charges were ever brought against the Clintons, but Starr continued to relentlessly pursue the administration in his role as an independent counsel.He ultimately unearthed the president’s affair with the intern Monica Lewinsky, which inspired U. House Republicans to launch an ill-fated impeachment attempt in 1998.

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I’m not just talking about physical.” Looking back on that era, did Rosenstein gain any useful insights about politics and a president’s power — or lack thereof — to evade an investigation?But he was comfortable enough with his surroundings to address the elephant in the room instead.“It’s nice to be in Baltimore,” Rosenstein said as a wry grin crossed his face. C., for a few hours.” The room broke into knowing laughter.Rosenstein had moved on from Starr’s Whitewater team by the time the Lewinsky scandal went nuclear, but Trump closely followed the developments from his perch as a playboy celebrity.During an interview with Fox News at the time, Trump argued that Starr’s investigation was “a terrible thing” and that Clinton was “a victim himself.” He was also critical of women who’d been linked to Clinton’s philandering.

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