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In addition to touring the five famous Roman sites, you'll enjoy walking the narrow back streets, dodging ladies on bikes and men on motorcycles as you pass numerous sidewalk cafes that populate every corner of Rome.

This is certainly one of our most interesting and beautiful virtual walks for treadmills! One treadmill owner who purchased the "Rome Walking Tour" video wrote: "Hi!

One customer wrote, "For once, 1 hour of exercise was enjoyable and I never looked at the display board once." Another said, "I actually look forward to exercising while watching Vita dvd's." To read more Customer Comments and Reviews, please click here.

With VITA DVDs, you'll exercise longer and enjoy every minute!

If you've ever wanted to visit the City of Light, then you'll enjoy your exercise sessions while "walking" in Paris on your treadmill!

This 60 minute virtual walk is accompanied by the natural sounds just as they were recorded in Dolby digital Stereo in Paris.

This treadmill virtual walk is full of surprises - one minute you'll be walking along a quiet path in a park and the next you'll find yourself beside a bustling, crowded street.

During your 60 minute Walking Tour of Paris, you'll begin on the Left Bank of the Seine, walk past Notre Dame Cathedral, visit the outdoor booksellers along the Seine, walk through the courtyard of the Louvre Museum, through the gardens of the Tuileries, walk along the Champs-Elysées with its exclusive shops and sidewalk cafes, stop to admire the Arch of Triumph, visit the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens, push your way through the crowded streets of Montmartre, and last but not least, visit the Eiffel Tower at twilight along with hundreds of Parisians.

Venturing on past homes of the locals and dodging several motor scooters, the path eventually narrows and begins to hug the side of the cliff, with the blue Mediterranean Sea stretching out below you.This Treadmill Scenery DVD begins in the picturesque town of Anacapri, set atop the famous island.Avoiding the main tourist trail through the center of town, you strike off on your own and walk down a small street lined with shops and intimate sidewalk cafes.You'll delight in the almost tourist-free streets in these romantic villages.Most of these villages date back to the Middle Ages and for one village, Lacoste, time appears to be standing still.

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