Updating mythdora

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Once you burn a disc and pop it into the optical drive, all three contestants follow the same basic playbook: install the operating system, set up Myth TV's back end, then launch the Myth TV front end. Normally that is a fixable mistake, but when the live CD fails to start X and drops to single-user mode, you first must repair xorg.conf, then figure out how to resume the installation process.

Knopp Myth takes yet a third approach to account management: it creates a "mythtv" user, but prompts you to create a basic user account of your own, and creates a root account for which you must select the password.Like other *buntus, Myth Buntu boots into a live CD system.From the live CD desktop you have to manually start the install process.Once you've answered all the questions, Myth Buntu jumps right into the OS install, without giving you a chance to select packages.As soon as the OS install finishes, you can launch the mythtv-setup tool and configure Myth TV.

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