Updating nqs spool

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If lsberrno is LSBE_OVER_LIMIT, (*r Limits)[bad Req Indx] exceeds the queue's limit for the resource. If status is JOB_STAT_PEND, the values of reasons and subreasons are explained by lsb_pendreason.

If status is JOB_STAT_PSUSP, the values of reasons and subreasons are explained by lsb_suspreason.

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If the job does not terminate 10 minutes after being sent this signal, it will be suspended.

The directory where the chk directory for this job checkpoint files will be created.

Limits on the consumption of system resources by all processes belonging to this job. If an element of the array is -1, there is no limit for that resource.

The bad Job Name field contains the detailed error message.

On System V-based versions of UNIX, for example SGI IRIX, it is normally necessary to link applications using LSBLIB with the BSD compatibility library.

$/$LSF_CONFDIR/lsf.shared $LSF_CONFDIR/lsf.cluster.cluster_name $LSF_CONFDIR/$LSF_CONFDIR/cluster_name $LSB_CONFDIR/cluster_name/configdir/lsb.hosts $$LSB_CONFDIR/cluster_name/configdir/lsb.params $LSB_CONFDIR/cluster_name/configdir/lsb.queues $LSB_CONFDIR/cluster_name/configdir/lsb.userslsb_addjgrp lsb_addreservation lsb_calendarinfo lsb_calendarop lsb_chkpntjob lsb_closejobinfo lsb_closependingreasons lsb_closestatus lsb_closestream lsb_deletejob lsb_deljgrp lsb_deljgrp_ext lsb_forcekilljob lsb_free Guaranteed Resource Pool Ent Array lsb_free Limit Info Ent lsb_freelogrec lsb_getalloc lsb_geteventrec lsb_geteventrecbyline lsb_getjobdepinfo lsb_global Fairshare Conf lsb_global Fairshare Load Info lsb_guaranteed Resource Pool Info lsb_holdjgrp lsb_hostcontrol lsb_hostgrpinfo lsb_hostinfo lsb_hostinfo_cond lsb_hostinfo_ex lsb_hostpartinfo lsb_init lsb_jsdl2submit lsb_killbulkjobs lsb_launch lsb_limit Info lsb_listjgrp lsb_liveconfig lsb_mig lsb_modify lsb_modjgrp lsb_modreservation lsb_movejob lsb_openjobinfo lsb_openjobinfo_a lsb_openjobinfo_a_ext lsb_openjobinfo_req lsb_openpendingreasons lsb_openstatus lsb_openstream lsb_parameterinfo lsb_peekjob lsb_pendreason lsb_perror lsb_postjobmsg lsb_puteventrec lsb_queuecontrol lsb_queueinfo lsb_readframejob lsb_readjobinfo lsb_readjobinfo_cond lsb_readjobmsg lsb_readpendingreasons lsb_readstatus lsb_readstatusline lsb_readstream lsb_readstreamline lsb_readstreamline MT lsb_reconfig lsb_reljgrp lsb_removereservation lsb_requeuejob lsb_reservationinfo lsb_resize_cancel lsb_resize_release lsb_runjob lsb_service Class Info lsb_sharedresourceinfo lsb_signaljob lsb_streamversion lsb_submit lsb_submit Pack lsb_submitframe lsb_suspreason lsb_switchjob lsb_sysmsg lsb_usergrpinfo lsb_userinfo lsb_writependingreasons lsb_writestatus lsb_writestream The resource requirements of the job.

Any program using LSBLIB APIs that change the state of the batch system (that is, except for APIs that just get information about the system) must be setuid to root if LSF_AUTH is not defined in the file.

On systems which have both System V and BSD programming interfaces, LSBLIB typically requires the BSD programming interface.

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